How to Engage Employees, Improve Productivity & Sustain Improvements Over the Long Haul

here is an urgent need for every company in this global economy to improve its processes continuously. The ongoing strive to be better than everybody else and become better than oneself the day before,Guest Posting is at the core of survival. And the key to the success of the program lies in sustaining the gains from every step!

Step 1. Get Everyone Engaged

To sustain the results for your continuous improvement process, you must first engage all employees involved in the business. This should also include those contractors and suppliers you do business with for an extended period of time. Here’s why:

• By including the biggest number of people with insight in your business processes, you open the widest idea pool. • When every person impacted feels as if they are a driving part of the change, they are more likely to accept changes and new ideas.

Step 2: Visualize

To sustain success, you must visualize the process and the progress achi

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