Bright Days are here for Property Sellers in Australia!

Australia’s real estate sector is on a recovery path after the slump it was experiencing in the recent past. In June 2019, the property prices in most cities in Australia were at their lowest. However, things look brighter now with property prices rising especially in cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. And, it is expected that 2020 and 2021 will witness better property prices. For property owners who have “sell my home” on their agenda, it is the right time to sell your property!


Bright days are here for property sellers in Australia!

The reasons for this are:


  • Lower interest rates
  • Easy Lending serviceability
  • Increased consumer sentiment
  • Expected employment growth
  • Population growth(The net migration is expected to be approximately 243,000 people per annum for the next three years)



As per research by Metropole, property prices are expected to increase by 5% in Australia with Sydney and Melbourne leading the charge.

There are already positive indicators for people looking to sell their houses in Australia with more people applying for home loans, more people coming to open for inspection, etc.

It is the best time for property owners to sell their homes!

A seller may ponder over, “How to sell my house?”

There are different ways of selling a property:


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  1. Selling with a real estate agent

In this case, the agent takes the entire responsibility of selling your home. He advertises, prices your property, and connects with buyers. He negotiates the price for your home and closes the deal. It is a convenient way to sell your home. The only drawback of this method is that the real estate agent charges a high amount as a commission which is usually a % of the total amount of the deal. This reduces your overall returns from the sale. Besides, you do not have control over the sales process.

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