Real or Artificial this year?

It’s that time of year again – Christmas! Thinking about opting for an artificial Christmas tree instead of a real one this year. Why not also consider the possibilities of artificial grass. Artificial grass is ideal for covering old patios, tired decking, replacing gravelled areas and difficult to maintain grassed areas. Although real grass may be the preference for the majority, installing artificial grass has been advantageous for a variety of people. One of the most popular applications for artificial turf has proved to be at children’s nurseries. The installation of the turf in outdoor areas provides the children with a clean and safe area of play, especially in the winter months when play areas can be reduced to a mud bath. Critical fall heights can also be achieved when the turf is installed over shock padding, an alternative to bark mulch and rubber. Children suffering from disabilities also benefit from the installation of artificial grass; the various textures and colours of turf on the market can aid sensory awareness whilst wheelchair bound children can move around easily on the turf. In the winter months sports surfaces can also be victim to the weather, the benefits of artificial surfaces have been acknowledged by most sports including golfers. Artificial tees and putting greensprovide an all weather solution on the golf course

reducing the need for closure during the colder months. Dog owners have also welcomed artificial grass into their gardens. Dogs can cause considerable damage to real lawns which then require high maintenance and repair. Modern astro turf is now pet-friendly and is an ideal hard-wearing solution for dog owners. Although you may question the impact on the environment when installing artificial grass you may be surprised at how it could reduce your carbon footprint. Whilst not advocating replacing all lawns with astro turf in certain situations as those mentioned above it lends itself well. Installing artificial grass eliminates the use of electric and petrol lawn mowers and water and pesticide consumption is reduced to nil. By eliminating these elements you can reduce your impact on the environment and your wallet. Whilst you are pondering whether to purchase a real or artificial Christmas tree this year also consider the way artificial grass could benefit you in the coming year.

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