The Exemplary Way to make Website Search Engine Friendly!

“Analysis of Web Site” – sounds complicated, right? Although this is an ongoing process and sometimes profound, you should not be an expert to make a big difference in ranking your site on search engines. Here are some tips to make your site search engine friendly. The first thing to know is if your site has been indexed or not. Is it a search engine or directory? The most important place to check Google. Just go to www. Google .com and type your domain name in the search field. Google returns the home page of your site if they are aware. Make sure all your pages are indexed, not just the home page.

There are generally three reasons why your site is not indexed by search engines. First, they simply could not find your site yet. Second, your site can be almost invisible to the search engines (aka search engine robots). Third, they may be able to find your site, but when they arrive, they cannot read it. Questions to get answers if you think your site is invisible, are: 1) Relevant keywords? 2) The site is shown in the search engines when a browser requests it? 3) I use frames? This is a no! 4) My tags title and description aligned with the content? 5) Was created my site using Java Scri

pt? (Search engines ignore Java Script) 6) Does the site really has relevant content, especially on the first page?

If nothing is returned in the results-not panic! Double check your spelling and typing to ensure that you have entered your domain name correctly. If still no results, no glasses do not know your website. Repeat this procedure for any other search engine you want to make sure that your site is indexed. The three other major search systems are important to check: Open Directory Project, Yahoo and MSN. Then you decide if you want to pay to register your site in Yahoo Directory or not. This is a personal choice. Do your own research and make your own opinion. The only way to get listed in Yahoo Directory is to pay. Open Directory Project is free, but usually takes perseverance and patience to be registered. Jump to and follow the instructions. Wait six to eight weeks and if your site does not appear, try again.

Do not be exceeded if this sounds like a lot of work and a bit complicated, it really is not. But it is a good place to start. In future articles I will detail each of these areas in particular. For now, you have enough homework to start. Who knows if your site is indexed, and if it starts to register on the Open Directory Project and Yahoo Directory (if you want to pay). Other major search engines such as Google them may not be so easy. Ask search engines to come to your site probably will not work, and the problem of payment is that you pay. I will also address these issues in the future. Remember, Organic Marketing takes more time and a little more effort, but your website earn its relevance and of course your wallet in your pocket.

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