Things to know about E-commerce Solutions

To these and other similar queries, E-commerce Solutions are the great option to go for. Here I have shared some of the most interesting facts about E-commerce.


  • E-commerce solutions are the best way of shopping at your home place without actually going the other way from your busy routine.
  • India is progressing at a fastest speed in E-Commerce Solutions while France is pretty slow in it.
  • It provides with the facility to advertise everything from selling goods to production of any service like. From a book to the transferring funds and data through the electronic network.
  • Asia is currently the most important continent holding a huge number of web-purchases. South Korea is lucky to stand on the top most position in it.
  • It provides the above mentioned activities from business-consumer, business-business and consumer-consumer.
  • Social media brings an approximation of 46% of online consumers.
  • EDI (electronic data interchange) is due to E-commerce solutions allows business to business transactions over private networks.
  • E-commerce solutions allow you to become accessible to the entire globe with just a single click.
  • Almost 71% of the consumers prefer to buy things online as they believe that it provides a good quality.
  • E-commerce is successfully used in the west world which saves the maximum hours we waste in shopping.
  • Though Amazon came into the world of e-commerce solutions in the year of 1995 but was successful to generate profit out of it in the year 2003.
  • E-commerce is far cost-effective as compare to any other form of marketing.
  • Internet shopping was invented by the person named as Michael Aldrich.
  • As compare to traditional ways of marketing, it is easier to reach out a wider range of audience within far less expenses.
  • Pizza Hut is honored to be one of the pioneer brands to experiment e-commerce in the year 1994.
  • E-commerce solutions provide a direct interaction between the consumers and marketers which even improves the process of deliv

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