Apart from air and water if anything that was saved from getting tainted it was food yet today where do we find that high quality of food items that not only is nutritious but that also energized us greatly. Never has it been seen that creatures harboring vile brains just act in a harmful manner towards others. Regarding more production it has not remained limited to only life’s ordinary requirements. Food is much more required than other things. Hence for this utmost need without thinking in a farsighted way such methods are being imbibed that in the final run prove heinous only. By activating land using chemical fertilizers methods are being used to mint more money from its extra crop harvest. It is being thought that by acting thus more crops can be grown and hence more wealth can be eked out.

That application being carried out by us today was executed way back in previous years by America. By imbibing the slogan of ‘benefitting very quickly and in very great measure’ they blindly used chemical fertilizers. No doubt for sometime America did benefit yet ultimately a major portion of their farm land lost its rich fertility and became useless and barren.

America’s Agricultural Dept’s Land Protecting Institute by publishing a book ‘Our land that has been rescued’ has detailed in it the vile effects of chemical fertilizers on agricultural land. In it very dire and terribly statistics had been printed. It appears that either due to pressure tactics on the part of producers of chemical fertilizers or for some other reason this book was never again republished.

With reference to the terrible facts placed in the above book that book’s very straightforward edition was printed under the title of ‘Our fertile cultivable land’. This book is published as Agriculture Information Bulletin No. 106 and by paying 10 cents one can buy this from Govt. Printing Office (25 DC).

From the examples given in this we can understand that due to the effects of chemical fertilizers America’s 280,000,000 acre fertile agricultural area got destroyed. This area is equivalent to land of states of USA like Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming. Apart from this pastures, jungle like land of the measure of 775,000,000 acres etc are such whose major portion has got destroyed. In this book it has been mentioned that America now possesses only 460,000,000 acres land that is useful for agriculture. For filling the belly this much area of land no doubt suffices yet if this is not kept well protected and that past mistakes are repeated again then each year in future 5,000,000 acres fertile land shall keep getting destroyed.

Since on crops pesticides are sprayed left right and center we try to get crops protected from attacks by germs, worms, birds etc and it is believed that we save crops from getting destroyed. For this end such toxic pesticides are being produced in a big way. The augmenting of DDT and other poisonous chemicals is taking place swiftly. Parisian type poison is being produced for this very purpose. Amongst these some pesticides like ‘nerve gases’ are more deadly than other toxic gases used in waging wars. Yet we forget that this poison sprayed on crops, food grains and other food items ultimately enter the latter in impermissible measure. Even if this poison enters food in very miniscule amounts yet it inflicts some bad effect on it in some way or the other and also by entering in small amounts again and again it totals up to such high measure that it is but natural that it proves hazardous for our health.

Within the American Agricultural Dept its ‘Entomological Research’ branch got the analysis done of the reactions of these toxic pesticides. From this it was found that since 10 years without pause this poison was imbibed in land depths up to 6 inches worrisome levels of DDT, BHC, Linden and Arolin were found. The grounds of Illinois, Georgia and New Jersey States too were reported to have been rendered toxic. High thinking people are gauging that augmenting of poison in lands thus ultimately shall render human food too toxic and they perforce shall have to endure their horrific reactions.

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