Top 5 Myths About Personal Injury Lawyers

Essentially,Top 5 Myths About Personal Injury Lawyers Articles a personal injury lawyer is a legal professional who handles civil cases in which an individual or a group has been injured by another individual or group. These cases typically involve injuries suffered as a result of negligence or malpractice, and the point of most personal injury cases is to get a client compensation for their injuries. Additionally, these injuries may be physical, emotional and mental. Although many people think that they know the truth about personal injury lawyers, many don’t, so here’s a list of the top five myths about these legal professionals:
1.) Personal Injury Lawyers are Expensive
The truth is that most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning they don’t get paid unless they win a case. This generally means that most people seeking a personal injury lawyer will not need to pay a penny out of pocket in order to have their case handled. Most personal injury attorneys also give free consultations.
2.) Personal Injury Attorneys Only Work in the Courtroom
Actually, most personal injury cases end up being settled out of court. Litigating a case in court is often a lengthy process, and the individual or company that is being sued will generally try to avoid the time and expense by offering a settlement. This can be beneficial for all parties involved as it gets the compensation a victim deserves and it avoids a long, drawn out court battle.
3.) All Lawyers are the Same

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While virtually all lawyers have attended a law school and have received some legal training, not all lawyers are equipped to handle personal injury cases. For example, a lawyer who specializes in tax law probably will not have the same experience and skill to deal with a slip and fall injury case. Additionally, some personal injury lawyers also specialize in certain areas, including birth defect cases, negligent supervision cases and more.
4.) Clients Will Work Directly with the Lawyer They Hire
When it comes to who will actually handle a case, many lawyers who run a law firm will actually delegate the representation to other lawyers in the firm. This is often the case regarding lawyers who advertise on television or in print media. When you hire a lawyer, you are generally hiring the firm for representation, not a specific individual.
5.) A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Get Millions of Dollars for Clients
While there are some personal injury cases which earn victims millions of dollars, a personal injury lawyer will represent your interests in court for the fair amount of compensation you deserve. When you speak with a personal injury lawyer, they will be able to set realistic expectations for your specific case.

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