What Are Factors That Affect The Value Of Coins?

And, Once you have the Grade of the Coin, Any source for the Price or Worth of a Coin will Tell You the Value.  (e.g.:  greysheet, Red Book, Black Book, Coin World, etc.)

Whether you are Getting Ready to Place a Book Value on Your Collection, Getting Ready to Upgrade or Sell one coin from Your Collection, or Getting Ready to Buy or Upgrade a new Addition, the Grade of the Subject Coin is All Important.  The Grade is Everything.  Nothing Matters More than the Grade of a Collectable Coin.

Now, assume that You are Selling this Coin, and Represent it to be the Grade You Decided Upon.   You have Priced the Coin According to a Reliable Price Guide.





What percentage of all Coin Collectors will Accept and Believe the Grade You Assigned, even if They could Examine the Coin In Person?


Probably a small Minority!  Why?  Because the Grade of a Coin is the Most Important Identity Factor, and determining the Grade is a Difficult Process.  This is True, Whether Buying or Selling.   If the Grade is not True, or Correct, then Money Will Be Lost – Lost to the Seller if the Grade is too Low;  Lost to the Buyer if the Grade is too High.

There is nothing wrong with Buying and Selling Raw Coins.   Even if they may come from pocket change or bank rolls.   But once you Decide to Make them part of your Collection, they need to be Graded by an Independent Professional Coin Grader.

This is so because You Need to Know the Value or Worth, of each coin, as well as the Total Collection.

But, you say, its Only my Personal Collection, and I am not going to Sell it now, or ever.   Great, I say, but do you also Never plan on Upgrading any of those Coins?   Whenever you want to Sell a Coin in your Personal Collection, you have to Sell it with a Grade and a Price.  This means you have to Represent to someone else, the Grade of the Coin.   You Must Do this because you have to put a Price on the Coin.  When that Coin has been Professionally Certified and Graded, you have Eliminated the Biggest Argument Point.  Knowing the Grade Makes Everything So Much Easier.  The Price is a Given once the Grade is Established.

Dreaming about owning a Coin with the Highest Grade (in any Class), as we flipped through the pages of our Red Book, has occurred to every one of us from the Start of our Coin Collecting days.   Each one of those “Dream Coins” Passed the Test, and met the Requirements of the Coin Grading Guide established by the ANA (American Numismatic Association).

What most Coin Collectors don’t realize is that there are only four (4) Companies who offer Independent Professional Coin Grading, and Follow the ANA Official Grading Standards For US Coins.  These Companies are:  1)  PCGS;  2) NGC;  3)  ANACS;  and 4) ICG.  These are the companies to be used when those Raw Coins need to be Graded.

Get the Highest Price for Coins You are Selling;  Get the Best Price for Coins You are Buying;  and Get an Accurate Appraisal of Your Collection.  Collect Certified and Graded Coins!  Don’t Play Games with Buyers and Sellers over the Grade of a Coin.  Know the Grade of Your Coin!

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