What should you know about boutique hotel interior design in hong kong?

2plus4 is based in the city of Hong Kong, and aims to provide global interior design and construction service, along with green interior design. Boutique hotel interior design Company in Hong Kong executes various architectural projects, for a number of places like residences, office, retail, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels and various other commercial areas. Depending on the nature of work and size of construction site, each construction project demands different costs and time periods.

Hotel and residential design: They have undertaken several projects like Shanghai PRIMUS hotel, Changsha sales office design, Hong Kong Villa House, and N.T. Mei Po House in Hong Kong. The Mei Po House includes designed garden, modern and clear design elements. Boutique hotel interior design in Hong Kong also provides the opportunity to design housed and gardens based on Feng Shui elements.

Design Listicle

Commercial design: Retail design for HKE showroom, Lungfor shopping mall, office complex design in Wuhan Huawei and even school design for SZ QSI International, are some of the commercial projects undertaken by boutique hotel interior designing Company in Hong Kong. The HKE showroom project was one of the first eco-friendly and interactive projects taken up. The concept of design was inspired by tree of life and cyber style. Geographical graphic shape and design of the building, provided more space with less expenditure.

Office design: Boutique hotel interior design Company in Hong Kong, has undertaken several office designing projects like AEW Hong Kong Office, Model Agency Office, Vivaka HK, Shanghai Premier Asia, GZ Publicis Office and HK TE. The AEW office has been designed keeping in mind the need for a professional and solid interior. The Model Agency Office on the other hand, has been designed in a loft style, with an open balcony for staff and employees to generate innovative ideas and brainstorming. Suppliers also provide ship wood deck material for the design of floor tiles.

F&B design: The projects undertaken were Okadio Japanese restaurant, seafood market restaurant, HIAKOU PEAL mall and SH Goodtime. In Okadio, reused wood has been used to furnish the floor, in various attractive patterns, and also provides more durability. Drinking and waiting areas have been provided, designed in light colours. The Seafood market restaurant has been designed in a Loft style to create a unique cultural atmosphere.

Procedure: The first step in designing is measurement of the entire site or floor layout, which takes around 1 to 2 hours to complete. The next method is to design the idea of the interior design. The customers can also share their existing floor plans for ease and accuracy. It offers tailor made design services. Customers are hence, free to share their unique interior design ideas or individual interest, so that unique customer designs are brought to life. The next step is layout drawing and research, where ideas are brought to life by drawing layouts and chalking reviews, in three dimensional format. These are clarified to match the customer’s interests. The next step is a final review where the final layout drawings are reviewed by the customers, along with the supply of materials to be used for construction. The final steps include finalising the materials and beginning construction, which takes about 1 to 2 months. The customers are also allowed to join and review the work done.

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